How you can make Cabal Server
24.05.2016 02:34

This guide will contain a lot of text. And some pictures. If i built a mistake make sure you reply below and I will be sure to correct it. I am using Microsoft windows 7 having a custom motif so do not be alarmed. Be envious.

Installing / Configuring the server:

** Download Ep8 Databases a back up here **
1 . Set up MSSQL 2008 R2 and follow this guide to change it although installing! Be sure you install behind on their mortgage Instance, certainly not named. And used Merged Authentication. Which will be SA's code.
2 . Open SQL Storage space 2008 R2 and sign in using SQL Server Authentication with sign in SA plus your password.
three or more. private server 2016 Expand Machine Objects
4. Right click Back up Devices and select New Backup Device
your five. Click the... next to File and Navigate to Account. Bak in the file you taken the EP8 Database Backup copies too. Choose Account. Bak.
6. Name the Device "Account" without the "s (For long term reference most "s through this guide in order to differentiate the thing you need it to get named from your text in the guide. So when you see "s never consist of them unless of course i say to. )
7. Do the same for Authentication, CabalCash, CabalGuild, cabalmanager, EventData, NetcafeBilling, and Server01. It will look like:
8. Now expand Databases then simply Right click that and select New Database.
9. Name it "Account" then strike ok
15. Right click the Account database you just created and select Duties > Restore > Database.
11. Select the Bubble next to From Gadget then strike the... In the drop down menu select Back-up device then select bill. Then strike okay.
doze. Now inside the table under the device around the original menu select the bubble next to the only item in the desk That will be the Restore setting. Should appear like this:
13. Now inside the top kept select Alternatives
14. Below Restore choices enable "Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)" then hit Ok.
15. Repeat actions 8-14 for Authentication, CabalCash, CabalGuild, cabalmanager, EventData, NetcafeBilling, and Server01 databases. Ensure you name these people the correct titles and regain from the linked devices. BE SURE TO GO GRADUAL AND YOU WILL NOTICE WHEN YOU CLICK RESTORE DATABASES THE "TO DATABASE" COULD CHANGE AND YOU MIGHT HAVE TO CHANGE IT TO THE DATABASE YOU ARE TRYING TO RESTORE If you are done it will look like this kind of:
16. Today in the Web server Objects directory right click Connected Servers and choose New Linked Server
17. Fill it out like this:

DRIVER= SQL Server; SERVER=localhost; UID=; PWD=;
18. Select Server Options and alter RPC and RPC To be able to TRUE

19. Hit OKAY

Databases refurbished and set up

Setting up CentOS

** Download Oracle VirtualBox here plus the CentOS a few. 8 Digital video disc Full here and install VirtualBox. Download POWERISO from here and do the installation. ***
1 ) Open VirtualBox, Click Fresh name it "CentOS", choose Apache as what kind and other cpanel as the version. Reach Next and choose 2048 as the RAM, strike next after that choose Generate a virtual travel now and hit Make. Select VDI from the new window that pops up and hit Up coming, then choose fixed size and strike next, therefore choose 45. 98 gbs then reach create.
2 . Click your new CentOS Vbox you developed and then reach settings, Press network and after that select Bridged instead of NAT (ONLY when you have a router). Then strike OK
three or more. Open your computer, you should visit a virtual storage drive. Click that, get around to PowerISO > hit Build image and select the disk you of centos you downloaded.
4. Mouse click start on the CentOS vbox, a show up will inquire which take you want to launch centos via. Select your Virtual Drive drive with Disc one particular of centos mounted see my pic:
5. Hit Commence
6. Strike Enter to start off installation. Next it will consult to test the disc, reach skip. Up coming the graphic interface of CentOS assembly will load up. Once and also hit subsequent. Choose English, hit subsequent. Choose Circumstance. S. British, hit following. A pop-up will pop up asking if you need to querelle, hit certainly. On the following screen choose "Remove linux partitions on selected hard drives and develop default layout. ", strike next. A popup can asking if you would like to zone for 41gb. HIT YES! if you possess a big enough HDD you shouldnt become hosting to start with. On the up coming screen hit next. On the next screen choose the red dot closest to your region. This is for the timezone. Hit next. in the next display it will request you to set up a password, type something and hit following. Now browse down and check the boxes for Hardware, and Server - GUI. Hit subsequent. Now strike next to start with installation.
7. Next towards the bottom right click the disk icons and click take out disc. Therefore hit Restart.
8. CentOS will begin to available for the first time. When loaded strike Forward, Change Firewall to Disabled. Strike Forward. A popup will pop up asking if you are sure. Hit yes. On the following screen hit forward. Strike Forward again. On the particular date and time tab ensure that its correct and strike forward. In the Create User page submit the containers and strike forward. Strike forward 2 times then strike finish. Now log in with root plus the password you created.
hunting for. Click Applications > Accessories > Terminal then enter "ifconfig" and hit get into. You then ought to see a couple of text pop up similar to if you typed in ipconfig in cmd. Write the inet addr: dwelling address down. That is your CentOS IP. Now hit planet earth icon which has a mouse upon it to open the web browser. Navigate to google. com to see if your internet performs.
10. Reach System > Arrêt. This will turn off the vbox centos. This is how you always need to electric power down, similiar to concluding your great pc straight down.
11. At this point right click CentOS in Vbox and click Clone. Name it CentOS back-up. That will returning CentOS up incase you mess whatever up so you dont have to pass through the lengthy practice again. This cloneing process can take a very long time. So once again make sure your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER doesnt switch off. Go workout, go do parkour, go make lovely love to " special " someone, or your hand. And return back to this guide!

Preparing the Server

*** You will need PuTTy and WinSCP just for this section. Yahoo will find you those links. ***

1 . Open CentOS and log in to main, open critical from Components > Applications section.
2 . Type in "ifconfig" backup the inet addr: ###. ##. #. ### straight down. Thats the centos ip.
3. Open WinSCP and type in the CentOS IP as the Host Brand. Now enter in "root" as the login name and your CentOS root pass word in code and reach Save...
4. Now reach login in WinSCP. it will ask you to save it inside the Cache. Click yes
a few. On WinSCP click Options > Preferences. At this moment click Applications under Intergration tab. Browse to to saved the PuTTy exe. I saved mine in ""C: and putty. exe"" Make sure the packing containers that claim "remember period password and pass it to putty" and "open TelNet lessons in putty for FTP sessions" happen to be checked and hit fine. Now click on the putty icon in WinSCP (its underneath the word Periods at the top. Appears like your PuTTy. exes icon. A pop-up will inquire you will you be sure. Reach Run. Right now Hit certainly on the subsequent pop up in that case once its loaded type "yum update". It will begin to update CentOS and eventually inquire you if you want to down load a upgrade. Hit Y then enter into. Next it is going to ask if importing is definitely okay. Strike Y then enter. It can begin to importance stuff. Allow it to work the magic.
six. Several a few minutes later found in WinSCP make certain on the best suited side you are in CentOS's root folder. On the left side navigate to where you removed Ep8repack to. Mine is C: repack. highlight almost everything in you ep8repack folder and strike f5: copy a pop-up will pop-up. Hit Replicate.
7. When step 6 is done open Putty again. at this point type inch. /cabal_install. sh" it will question if you want to begin with the set up. Hit Con then enter. It will inquire are you sure hit Sumado a then get into.
8. Now that the documents are installed type "service band config". Start CMD and type in "ipconfig" and hit enter. At the top you should go to a ip. Employ that as the MSSQL server ip in Putty and strike enter. Intended for the SQL user type sa and hit go into. Then place your MSSQL pass and hit enter in. Now draperies during your internet. Google search what is my own ip. You will see a IP. Put that in putty and hit enter. At this point type in "service cabal start" on they each say OKAY then the hardware is started.

Some occasions services will stop. Just type "service BRAND HERE start" example "service ChatNode_01 start" to start ChatNode_01 service.

Putting together the Client

*** You will need a EP8 Client you can make reference to this page plus the Client repair here ***

1 . Mount the Ep8 Client you downloaded.
installment payments on your Extract the CabalClientPatch_DARKSTEELMAN. rar to your pc. Edit the interior file inside the Data directory to your CentOS ip. You have to know it already. If not open CentOS or in PuTTy type ifconfig. Make use of that. Conserve internal.
3. Copy the information folder and the cabal_start. baseball bat and composite it within your Cabal ep8 client directory.
4. Make use of the start artifice bat to launch your client.


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